AMCI Finance offers a selection of “Total Turn-Key Solutions!”  Most of the companies we team with need targeted, results-driven information and data in order to increase profits and grow their business.  These services, when combined with AMCI funding, chart the course to growth and profitability.  Our Solutions! are provided by nationally-known specialists with reputations for providing results.
Some of our solutions include:

  • Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Web Development
  • Web Optimization
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Market Research
  • Sales Program Development
  • Financial Management
  • Accounting
We work best by rolling up our sleeves, digging into specific areas of your operation and working face-to-face.  Our first steps typically include getting to know each other and us asking a lot of questions in order to determine how we can best and most efficiently help you.  We then design a work plan customized to tackle head-on the challenges you are facing or the goals you want to accomplish.  Our solutions may be used as part of, or independent of, an AMCI Finance program.

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